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Corey Schirmer

Corey Schirmer
Associate Advisor

Corey Schirmer is an Employee Benefits Consultant with AHT and he works with companies across the United States. His focus is on streamlining HR processes, improving recruiting/retention efforts, and implementing the most cost-effective options. He understands that each organization is unique, and a one size fits all approach to employee benefits is an outdated concept. While Corey works with a wide array of industries most of his clients are in the tech, software, AI, non-profit, VC/PE, and manufacturing space.


Corey believes that transparency and integrity are paramount to any relationship and works proactively to consistently deliver superior results for his clients so they can move forward confidently.


Prior to working with AHT, he spent 4 years at another large brokerage working on some of the most innovative plans. He’s also worked for 3 VC backed tech companies and founded a couple small companies himself.