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The loss of a critical asset, or potential liability exposures, can cause significant loss of income – even forcing you to close your doors. With stakes this high, it is essential to implement the right mix of insurance coverage and risk management controls.

AHT provides the best advice and coverage available. Our professionals are empowered to become in-depth experts in key industries and technical areas. As a result, we are more thorough in assessing your risk exposures, more innovative with our solutions and more successful with our underwriter negotiations. We serve as an extension of your team, communicating with you every step of the way.


P&C Overview

Protecting What Matters Most




Our experience in our industry niches is unmatched. We have direct access to all major insurance markets and work hand in hand with them to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients’ most pressing needs.



A key element in property and casualty insurance is market depth and having trusted relationships with the insurers in your segment. We have, and maintain, all of those relationships and bring that market clout to you.



We provide industry-leading data and benchmarks at your convenience. Get the information you need 24/7 online, over the phone or in person with your broker.



The tenure of our professionals is among the longest in the brokerage industry. We provide our professionals with the latitude, support and environment to provide a differentiated risk management solution to their clients.



We innovate tirelessly — believing there is no one solution that will fit every client’s unique needs. We’ve designed and placed complex programs across our areas of specialization including technology, manufacturing, NGO and government contractors.

“AHT has proven to be a far better partner than the national broker we had. Not only are they very responsive and dependable, but whenever we contact them, they know our industry well. This is very important, especially during our numerous acquisitions and when we are dealing with the needs of our widely dispersed operating units. They have brought our company a higher level of service and knowledge, yet they are still very competitive.”

Experienced Broker Working in Your Corner

Our direct model into all global insurance markets cannot be replicated overnight and is, ultimately, the result of years of experience and hard work. The results for clients are better coverage, pricing and claims outcomes. The results for underwriters are better educated customers, less wasted time with brokers who don’t understand the market and premium growth in niche markets. When an educated, market-leading broker, like AHT, brings each side together, everyone wins.

Serving as Your Risk Management Team

At each service level, our professionals are empowered to function as your outsourced risk manager. They provide timely information, helpful guidelines and effective automated tools to minimize and control your risks at all times — just as if you had a full-time, internal employee providing you guidance.

Never Forgetting We Work for You

There are no competing agendas serving shareholders or private equity owners when you trust your insurance work to us. AHT is proud to be employee owned and focused solely on being the best possible professional services organization we can be – for you, our clients.

Making Our Expertise Work for You

We analyze your legal obligations, government regulations, lender and customer requirements and the insurance and risk financing options available — all to bring together a unique risk management solution for your business.


AHT is a proud member of the Worldwide Broker Network, the largest privately owned coordinated insurance services platform in the world. WBN 3.0 Net is the leading global insurance platform — providing you and your global team 24/7 access to your account information, including local translations.

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