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AHT’s nonprofit practice group was established in 1993 and has grown to become the leading independent broker offering insurance and risk management services to nonprofit organizations nationwide. The nonprofit insurance industry faces complex coverages and an unpredictable legal environment that requires agents with higher levels of knowledge and experience. Our nonprofit professionals work with their clients to ensure they are adequately covered and help eliminate risks – present and future.


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AHT is a leading broker for management liability, including director’s and officer’s insurance, and cyber liability. Nonprofit organizations often have specialized insurance needs for the Board of Directors, and our professionals will ensure your leadership, both paid and volunteer, are protected.


By nature, nonprofit organizations are subject to exposures which are nonexistent in many other environments. Because many of the losses experienced by nonprofits involve severity rather than frequency, there often exists a false sense of security. The tendency is to think, “It will never happen to us.” As a result of this dangerous attitude, a few hundred dollars of premium, or a comfortable long-term relationship, become more important to the insurance buyer than experience and knowledge. Our professionals are immersed in the complex world of nonprofit risk management every day developing and managing programs for organizations.


Our professionals are dedicated to learning and staying ahead of the curve to provide the highest quality service to their clients. We require our nonprofit team members to attend monthly educational forums that specifically address the risk management concerns of nonprofit organizations.


AHT has hosted a nonprofit risk management seminar for 25 years. Each year, we bring in experts to discuss timely and critical issues faced by the nonprofit organizations we serve. Topics include international travel risk management, cyber liability awareness, employment law, accounting topics and much more.


Account Management

The management of your account involves daily service performed by the AHT nonprofit team. This will include all change requests, certificate requests and more. On-site service visits are designed to help us to keep our finger on the pulse of the organization. Agenda items will include:

  • Review of new exposures
  • Review of losses
  • Review of the schedule of insurance
  • Review of new insurance company information
Loss Control & Prevention

AHT’s nonprofit team is available to analyze your risk of loss in both current and anticipated activities. This analysis includes the evaluation of insurance language and exposure in contracts and leases.

Also available is our facilitation of association exposure survey, designed to address all activities of the organization, and a full range of risk management services from security to disaster planning.

Claims Assistance

While some claims are more effectively handled through direct reporting to the insurance carrier, others require the involvement of an intermediary. At AHT, claims assistance is furnished directly by your account team in conjunction with our claims director — offering assistance from someone who has expertise working with the kind of claim you are likely to have and intimate knowledge of your specific account.

Insurance Procurement

One of the most important functions of a broker is representing your account to insurance carriers. We will devise a marketing plan for you that involves a systematic re-evaluation of insurance cost and carrier capabilities. Because we represent a large number of insurance carriers, you can be assured that your account will have the best coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Educational Resources

As an AHT nonprofit client, you’ll have access to our client services site. This online site is designed to help make the communication of service requests a more efficient process and provide you with valuable resources.

“Our organization’s operations change rapidly, and AHT makes sure our insurance program keeps pace. They are proactive with solutions and alert us of developing exposures.

CEO, National Trade Association


Working with a large nonprofit set to expand its international footprint, AHT helped revamp the organization’s travel and international risk management procedures. AHT’s Director of Risk Management Services consulted and provided guidance and assistance to help the client evaluate risk and maximize the effectiveness of mitigation and response measures. We helped the client understand developments in the risk environment at the global, regional and country levels and collaborated to evaluate specific vulnerabilities.


Derek Symer

Derek Symer

Senior Vice President, Shareholder & Nonprofits Practice Leader



Patti Loftis

Patti Loftis

Vice President, Director of Nonprofit Practice