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AHT understands that employee benefits plans have become increasingly complex and sophisticated, and traditional product placement is a minor facet of AHT’s role in working with our clients. Our approach and experienced professionals differentiate our delivery of employee benefits consulting.


Key highlights to our approach include:


  • Proprietary analytical and visual business intelligence tools to help clients better understand the financial health of their employee benefits plan
  • Using our proprietary tools, we can perform both a qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Key benchmarking tools to help clients understand how to balance cost versus plan design and benefit levels

Client Driven

  • Customized video and interactive communication tools
  • Customized proprietary contribution and decision support tools for both employers and employees
  • Benefit administration guidance, support and deliverables
  • Understanding of HR and finance objectives enable AHT to properly align program and product strategy


  • Retained ACA counsel based in DC that allows us to procure ACA related answers directly from Treasury, DOL and IRS
  • In-house attorney to tackle regular regulatory questions and concerns related to ERISA, COBRA, Section 125, Section 105, etc.
  • Training and communication tools to assist our representatives in tracking important compliance issues for you and communicating them in a timely manner

Delivering Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Using AHT’s proprietary tools, robust predictive modeling and risk scoring analytics allows us to provide, not only historical performance data, but predictive future costs and risk assessment to our clients.

Managing Projects

Streamlined communication, combined with expert consultation, project management tools and timelines, will keep both AHT and our clients comfortably on task.

Keeping You Informed

We make sure you are aware of legislative developments, product innovations and new opportunities in the employee benefits arena. Our professionals are given the best resources to deliver the latest developments related to employee benefits.

Helping Your Plan Succeed

We help you communicate your benefits to employees through a variety of innovative, as well as traditional, methods to help them maximize the value of their non-cash compensation.


We provide you with unrivaled service and advice to help keep your benefits plan working as an asset to your employees. We are your benefits plan partners and most trusted advisor in managing this key compensation asset for your most important stakeholder – your employees.


  • Medical insurance
  • Dental and vision
  • Life and disability
  • Self-insured plan consulting
  • Custom stop loss products
  • Voluntary group programs and worksite benefits
  • 401(k) plan consulting
  • Employee assistance programs


  • Benchmark review
  • Customized analytics
  • Custom websites
  • Communication strategies
  • Consumer self-directed plans
  • Contribution strategies
  • Customer-directed plan design


  • Funding analysis
  • HSA/HRA plans
  • International benefits plans
  • Legislative compliance
  • Network analysis
  • Plan design and pricing
  • Renewal negotiations

Comprehensive International Employee Benefits Solutions

Employee benefit considerations when employees are traveling internationally for business or, they are permanently located internationally (six months or greater), are complicated and decisions about coverage are driven by several factors.

Policy & Regulatory Updates

Read the latest policy and regulatory updates by Christoper E. Condeluci, Principal and sole shareholder of CC Law & Policy PLLC in Washington, D.C.

AHT retained counsel from Christopher E. Condeluci in 2010 due to his expertise and deep understanding about the framework for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Prior to joining the private sector, Chris was a senior staff advisor to Honorable Senator Charles Grassley and served on the Senate Finance Committee during the original drafting of the ACA legislation.

Chris’ greatest value to our clients is the credibility he brings when they need questions answered. Rather than rely on interpretation of the law, which is the standard for most ERISA attorney’s and ACA “experts”, Chris relies on his deep network of relationships at key governmental agencies such as the Treasury, Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Health and Human Services (HHS). Therefore, when we ask Chris a question related to ACA or any aspect of the law, he goes right to the agency that oversees the specific matter.

Health Care Reform & Individual Health


AHT has partnered with GoHealth Insurance to provide assistance to clients needing individual plans (medical, dental and vision). GoHealth is certified will the Federal exchange and all state exchanges (with the exception of Minnesota) and can assist individuals with subsidy eligibility questions and work with carriers directly, outside of the State of or Federally Facilitated Exchange.

GoHealth allows consumers to view and compare health insurance plans available in their ZIP code from the nation’s top insurance companies. Consumers can also estimate available Federal tax subsidies and apply them directly to their health plans to receive lower monthly premiums. At any time during the shopping process, licensed insurance advisors are accessible by phone to answer questions and offer advice. Visit GoHealth for more information.

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Group Insurance for Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Members

AHT offers NVTC members BeneNet®  — a group insurance program offering group medical, dental, life, disability and retirement plans.

“I truly cannot say enough good things about Jason and Deb as benefit brokers. Kind, empathetic, quick to respond and always thinking one step ahead. They have been invaluable to us as we have navigated the transition from fully-funded to self-funded insurance – and even switched carriers twice. It’s been a bumpy road of learning, but their commitment and service has been above and beyond. Every time we reach out for help and questions, it’s as if we are treated like their most important client. It’s phenomenal! Trust is essential in the benefits world and they will always be my first choice.”

HR Generalist, Seattle-based Software and Service Company

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