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Utah's MDMA and Psilocybin

Pilot Program

The recent launch of Utah’s MDMA and psilocybin pilot program signifies a transformative shift for the region’s mental health practitioners. However, with the new therapy offerings comes the need for insurance coverage for potential risks involved in these treatments. TheraCover steps into this space, offering a tailored insurance program specifically designed for the unique requirements of the psychedelic therapy field.


TheraCover’s program includes benefits such as coverage for ketamine-assisted therapy, psilocybin-assisted therapy, and ready to handle MDMA-assisted therapy if approved by the FDA.  With TheraCover’s comprehensive protection, mental health practitioners can confidently offer patients revolutionary psychedelic-assisted therapy, assured that they are safeguarded against potential risks. Contact TheraCover today to learn more about their insurance program and start expanding your therapy services with confidence.