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Psilocybin Microdosing

Promising Results for Women

Studies have indicated that women are increasingly turning to microdosing on psilocybin to improve their health outcomes. Microdosing involves taking a small dose of the substance to produce mild effects on a regular basis. This non-traditional approach has been shown to help alleviate depression, reduce anxiety, and boost creativity in women. Support and research for psilocybin and microdosing have recently been growing, leading to increased potential for these alternative treatments within psychiatric care.


At TheraCover, we are committed to supporting research and providing insurance options that adapt to therapists’ and patients’ evolving needs. Our comprehensive coverage extends to a variety of treatments, including psilocybin microdosing. We believe that offering coverage for non-traditional therapies is crucial in creating a more diverse and effective mental health care system.


For further information on our inclusive insurance program and stress-free sign-up process, please visit us at www.theracover.com. We remain committed to helping therapists and clinics provide clients with the best possible care, and we enjoy working within the professional community that prioritizes innovation in psychiatric care. Collaborate with us and bring your best to mental health care.