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The Use of Ketamine for PTSD Treatment

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A recent article published in the New York Times has piqued the interest of the mental health community, spotlighting the potential use of ketamine therapy as an effective treatment for PTSD. As this pioneering treatment method gains traction, healthcare professionals and therapists are eyeing insurance coverage that will adequately address patient care and protect them from potential risks.


Enter TheraCover, an insurance program with a compelling mission to extend coverage specifically tailored to the needs of the mental health community. Our all-encompassing coverage plans provide a significant safety net to healthcare providers who are introducing ketamine therapy into their treatment plans. We take pride in safeguarding mental health professionals from potential liabilities, including but not limited to, medical malpractice, general liability, and cyber liability.


Understanding the critical role of quality patient care in ketamine therapy, our insurance programs have been crafted to enable healthcare providers to concentrate on what is essential, providing superior care to their patients. TheraCover empowers these professionals with the requisite coverage to continue delivering reliable mental health services to those who depend on them.


At TheraCover, we are confident that our insurance programs can foster beneficial results for both patients and care providers. We are steadfast in our commitment to equip the mental health community with inclusive insurance coverage that is specifically customized to meet their distinct requirements.