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The legal landscape is as dynamic as the firms and individuals who operate within it — making it necessary to work with a broker who has knowledge and experience in all aspects of the legal arena. Varied sizes and areas of practice require unique needs, and AHT has underwriting and brokerage experience working with everything from AmLaw 200 Firms to main-street, family-owned practices. Our diverse team of professionals provides deep technical expertise and insurance market access to address the needs of the firms we represent.



Our property and casualty clients range from boutique firms in intellectual property, real estate, securities and other “tougher” professional liability classes to large multi-national firms seeking options from the mutual insurance programs – which can be noncompetitive for firms with strong long-term claims records. Our employee benefit and private client practice focuses on firms of 25- 500 lawyers.

AHT’s team works together to understand your firm’s unique needs and recommend solutions from multiple, technical disciplines and angles — allowing you to choose which areas you want to prioritize for your firm given its current stage and needs.


AHT is licensed for all lines of insurance in all 50 states and has deep international capabilities and experience via our partnership with the Worldwide Broker Network.



Understanding a law firm’s professional liability needs requires in-depth knowledge of the firm and our society’s highly litigious environment. We pride ourselves in our understanding the legal process, from discovery to settlement, across a wide variety of practice areas, including:

  • Class Action Plaintiffs
  • Insurance Defense
  • Natural Resources/Oil & Gas
  • Copyright/Trademark
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Real Estate (Commercial & Residential)
  • Personal Injury
  • Antitrust/Trade Regulation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections
    and many more…


The crux of the attorney client relationship is confidentiality, and your clients rely on this privacy regarding their information before, during and after litigation scenarios. Law firms are major targets for bad actors seeking to obtain sensitive client information such as trade secrets, medical information, insider information about mergers and acquisitions activity and more.

Talk to our professionals about how to protect your firm from a risk management perspective and how the proper insurance policy is required to fit the area of practice in which your firm operates.


Allegations of harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or failure to make partner occur often in a legal setting. Making sure your firm is protected from these allegations is important. For this reason, employment practices liability policies should be tailored to fit the needs of the firm, regardless of size and area of practice.

Talk to our professionals about how to protect your firm from a risk management perspective and how the proper insurance policy is required to fit the area of practice in which your firm operates.


Without discussing relevant best practices and constantly reviewing your internal policies and procedures as a firm, insurance is only as good as the paper on which it is written. In addition to negotiating insurance programs for all sizes of firms, we also provide internal reviews of calendaring procedures, conflicts management, engagement letters and other internal policies and procedures required to avoid costly issues of misrepresentation or negligence.



AHT’S professionals are highly experienced at analyzing and structuring firms’ disability contracts to ensure common pitfalls are avoided when a disabling event occurs. Our team walks through disability contracts and helps answer common questions firms need to be aware of such as:


Is your contract an “and” or an “or” contract?


What is your “own occupation” period vs. your “any occupation” period?


What is the taxability of the premium or payout?


Selecting the appropriate plan design for each employee is a challenge, but our industry-leading team will help guide you in the decision-making process. Our experience and in-depth knowledge helping law firms communicate and roll out a consumer-driven health plan, in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA), helps ensure a smooth implementation.

But, implementation is just the beginning. Understanding the mechanics of an HSA and the value it brings, especially with its unique tax advantages and catch-up funding contributions available for employees over 55, is even more important. As part of the implementation, we’ll help you educate employees about the plan and its advantages.



Employee benefits administration can be time consuming and inefficient. Our experienced professionals regularly analyze processes and develop solutions to help human resources teams manage their time, work more effectively and clearly communicate the benefits program to employees.

Using a paper system? We can help you move from a paper-based system to an online or mobile experience for the enrollment process. Not only is this more eco-friendly, but it streamlines the process and makes the benefits materials more accessible to both employees and administrators. Worried about choosing a solution? We have unique relationships with many of the vendors and can help your firm find the right solution.

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