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Earthquake Preparation

Earthquake Emergency Kit

Ensuring Ladder Safety in the Workplace

Building Resiliency in the Age of Supply Chain Disruptions

Cyberattacks on the Rise & Threatening the Links in Your Supply Chain

Mid-Year State of the Insurance Market – Commercial Risk

Pool Safety

Selecting A Broker Checklist

Insurtech: Digital Transformation & Insurance 

Think You’re Prepared for Your Renewal? Let’s Find Out…



Nonprofit Insights: Consolidations & Disruptions in the Insurance Brokerage World (Watch Accompanying Video)

Nonprofit Insights: Everyone’s “Favorite” Topic: Cyber (Watch Accompanying Video)

Non-profits and Insurance: An Insider’s Perspective

Loss Control Questionnaire

2 Areas of Risk Management to Consider as In-Person Meetings Begin to Return

Top 5 Cyber/Insurance Tips for Nonprofits

Addressing Sexual Harassment in School Settings

Nonprofit Insights: Importance of a Dedicated Broker (Watch Accompanying Video)

Atlantic Union Bank: Returning to the Workplace Webinar – Derek Symer

Six Considerations for Bringing Staff Back to the Office – Derek Symer

Back to School Prep School Administrators

What Coverage Should You Have



Prevent Mishaps on the Manufacturing Floor

Labor Shortages Impact Manufacturing & Transportation Supply Chain Resiliency

AI Revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Floor Safety: Risk Management for Visible & Invisible Threats

Environmental Factors Affecting Rates

Cyber Protection with NAM Cyber Cover

Why NAM Cyber Cover Created



Ensuring Ladder Safety in the Workplace

OSHA Update – Heat Illness Prevention

Protecting Employees in Extreme Cold



Could Your International Development Organization Save 20% on the Second Largest Expense in Your Organization?

Business Evacuation

Training Globally Mobile Workforces

Government Contractors – Duty of Care



Cyberattacks on the Rise & Threatening the Links in Your Supply Chain – Food & Agribusiness

Food & Agribusiness – A Day in the Life: How We Help Our Clients



Cyber Liability

Workers’ Compensation

Commercial Umbrella

General Liability

Product Liability

Business Income Insurance

Employment Practices Liability

Professional Liability

Commercial Auto Fleet

Key Person



A Case Study In The Rise And Fall Of Theranos – Intricacies In Private Company Directors & Officers Liability Coverage

How to Combat Bank D&O Headwinds

D&O Liability: How Exposed Are You?

Is Your D&O Ready for New Risks Brought by COVID-19?

What is D&O Liability Insurance? 

Myths & Misconceptions of Biotech Securities Claims

M&A Due Diligence



Insurance Realities in Real Estate – Another Year, Another Rate Hike

A Perfect Storm for Higher Premiums: Natural Disasters and Aging Buildings

Real Estate Multifamily Mid-Year SOTM



Commonly Asked Questions – Banking Sector

How to Combat Bank D&O Headwinds

Banks: Plan for Significant Changes to Upcoming Cyber Liability Renewal



War Exclusions: How Does Your Cyber Policy Compare?

Cyber Hygiene for Remote Workers

Top 5 Cyber/Insurance Tips for Nonprofits

Cyber Liability Update for Banking Sector: Impact of Ransomware

Cyberattacks: A Worsening Threat & Resulting Impact on the Insurance Market

Cyber Benchmarking: Traditional Benchmarking Doesn’t Work in 2022

Jackware Next-Level Threat

Jackware Emerging Risk

Part 1: Quantifying Cyber Risk & Providing the Value of a Cyber Insurance Investment

Part 2: Understanding the ROI of Investing in Cyber Insurance

Part 3: The Devil is in the Details: Beware of Potential Cyber Coverage Pitfalls 

Part 4: Not All Brokers are Created Equal: Importance of Investing in the Best Partner for Placing Cyber Insurance



What is a Captive?

Captives FAQs

Captives Overview Video

What is a Single Parent Captive?

What is an 831(b) Micro Captive?

Micro Captives Myths & Misconceptions

What is a Group/Association Captive?



Labor Shortages Impact Manufacturing & Transportation Supply Chain Resiliency

Distracted Driving Prevention for Commercial Fleets



Labor Shortages in Hospitality

Rising Food Costs

Golf Country Club Mid-Year SOTM



Mid-Year State of the Insurance Market – Employee Benefits

Talent Acquisition & Retention – Fringe Benefits

Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention – Fringe Benefits

The Hiring Landscape Has Changed What Recent Grads Really Want 

Appreciating Multi-Generational Workforces in the Age of DE&I

Approaching Reference-Based Pricing: Pros & Cons

Implications of Record-Breaking Workers Quitting in the Hospitality Industry

Diabetes alert day – Do you know your risk?

You Have Your New Benefits… Now What?

Data Analytics & Population Health Management

Self-Funding 101

Resources for Self-Funded Clients

Stop Loss

Benefits of Direct Contracting for Self-Funded Employers

Take Advantage of Your Benefits

4 Strategies for Reducing Health Benefits Costs in 2022

Health is Wealth: How Data Can Help Decrease Your Benefits Spend

Controlling Exposure and Cost Through Specific Resources

Benefits Technology

Factors to Consider When Choosing to Participate in an FSA

How Benefits Work Together

2022 Physician Groups SOTM

Life Insurance Misconceptions

2 years Post Pandemic – What Should Your Benefits Look Like Now?

The Hidden Cost of a Cyber Breach: Mental Health

The Impact of a Corporate Data Breach: Effects on Our Personal Lives

Q4 State of the Insurance Market – Employee Benefits



So, you survived open enrollment… what’s next? Post OE survey

Plan now for an optimal open enrollment experience later

Open Enrollment Preparation Checklist

Open Enrollment Checklist – Short Version

Does Your Open Enrollment Communication Strategy Include These Best Practices?



5 tips to manage work/life balance

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Boost your heart health

Improve Your Sleep Health, Improve Your Wellbeing

How Much Stress are You Carrying?

Kickstart Your Physical Fitness

Reinvigorate Your New Year’s Resolutions

Fuel Your Financial Wellness

Schedule Your Checkups

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Smart Snacking at Work



No Fun in the Sun Until the Spring Maintenance is Done!

Extreme weather events driving premium rates upward

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Emergency Kit

When Life Changes, Call Your Broker

Don’t be left out in the cold: Prepare your home for winter weather – INFOGRAPHIC

Don’t be left out in the cold: Prepare your home for winter weather

Eight Tips for Safer Winter Driving

Will flood prone areas drown in growing premium costs?

Hurricane Checklist

Emergency Shelter Checklist

Hurricane Property Claim Report Template

Marine Preparedness & Planning

Insuring Fine Art Collectibles

Private Risk Management – Liability Trends

Prepare for the Unexpected with an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Webinar: Equine Insurance 101 with AHT Insurance

Cyber Crime

Who left the heater on? Prepare your home for hot weather

Destination Risk: Vacations are all fun & games… until they aren’t

In too Deep? 10 Boating Safety Tips to Help Prevent Costly Claims

Tame the Flame: 7 Ways to Protect Your Property from Wildfires

Hurricane – Protect your home & family

Hurricane – Protect your business

Hurricane – Complete Guide

Insuring NFTs

Holiday Travel – Don’t forget patience and travel insurance

The rise and fall of FTX: What does it mean for crypto investors?

Make a Soft Landing in Hard Market – How high-net-worth individuals can navigate today’s economic terrain

Firework Safety

Insurance Education for Your Children

Insuring College Students

Protecting High-Net-Worth Assets Amid Current Challenges

Safety First this Hallow-Thanks-Mas Season

Do’s and Don’ts for Safeguarding Your Personal Identity Online

Can You See Who’s Entering Your Personal Cyber Space?

Get Ready for Holiday Travel – Make a home safety list and check it twice!

Insuring Your Holiday Gifts

Coverage Gaps & Overlaps

Are You Over or Under with Your Coverage? 



Umbrella Liability Coverage

Cyber Liability

Workers’ Compensation

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