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Wellness Tip: Kickstart Your Physical Fitness

“Illness of any kind is hardly a thing to be encouraged in others. Health is the primary duty of life.”

Oscar Wilde 


Our hustle culture has us constantly in go-mode: What’s next? How will my presentation go? How can I make more money? How do I meet with this client and still have time to pick up the dry cleaning? Staying busy and making strides is one thing, but in our exhaustive efforts to hustle, it is easy to forget the one thing that literally keeps us going—our bodies. 


When is the last time you did something for your physical health? No, we are not talking about scheduling a physical with your doctor—no one likes going to the doctor for their physical but it’s something we all should do. 


Quick tips to make your physical fitness a priority and fit your busy lifestyle. 


Take a walk — You don’t have to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to get some fresh air. Take a walk in your neighborhood to clear your head and get the body moving. 


Set a health goal — What is one improvement you would like to see in your fitness: big or small? Whether it be as small as incorporating more leafy greens into your diet or entering a powerlifting competition, write it down and stick to it.   


Get sporty — Sports are a fantastic way to get the heartrate up, meet people, and learn a new skill. What’s one sport you have always wanted to try? Join your friends for an afternoon of beach volleyball, take a trip to the ice-skating rink, or channel your inner warrior with an archery lesson!  


Try stretching — It’s only ‘yoga’ if you choose to call it that. Just loosen up those limbs. Can’t touch your toes? Keep working at it until you can. Your back will thank you! 


Drop the excuses – EVERYBODY has five minutes. Trade just a smidgen of screentime for the betterment of your physical health. Check out this website for some easy and effective 5 minute workouts. 


Only one body per customer. Listen to it and nurture it so you can continue to cultivate greatness in your daily grind. 


Pro Tip: Buddy up! Find a friend with similar goals. This will help the time pass, make it more fun to get moving, and help keep you motivated. 


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Wellness Tip: Kickstart Your Physical Fitness