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The Hidden Cost of a Cyber Breach: Mental Health

The effects of cybercrimes and data breaches on organizations across the globe is well documented, from financial losses to reputational damage and much more. But what about the effect it has on employees? 


When a serious data breach occurs, mounting data now shows the personal toll it has on employees’ emotional and mental well-being.


Impact of cyber data breaches on employees emotional and mental well-being:

76% felt their relationships were impacted

30% missed a family event

27% cancelled vacation

32% worked overnight  

33% suffered extra stress 

65% considered quitting their job (Security Operations Solutions professionals)  

51% took/take medications

27% said their mental health declined

64% had difficulty getting work done


Sources: Forbes; https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2022/06/08/mental-health-in-cybersecurity-51-of-workers-take-meds-me-included/?sh=53d6a746573a
TechRepublic; https://www.techrepublic.com/article/data-breaches-cause-stress-for-employees-at-affected-companies/ 


What you can do to help employees deal with the stress after a data breach? 


Keep lines of communication open and honest.
Be clear about how the breach may affect them. Explain what type of personal information may have been stolen, what they can do to prevent further damage to their own data, and what your organization is doing to resolve the situation and help prevent future incidents. 


Give employees peace of mind about their credit.
Provide access to credit monitoring at no cost so, employees know their credit files will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and will be alerted to any fraudulent or suspicious activity.  


Offer additional training.
Since hackers primarily gain access to confidential data through phishing and email scams, re-launch training modules or sessions that remind employees how to spot suspicious emails and what to do if they receive one. 


Remind your employees of available mental health resources.
Encourage your employees to take full advantage of all the employee benefits you offer, such as mental wellness apps, employee assistance programs, and mental health days off, that can help them cope with the added stress of managing the fallout from a data breach on their personal lives.  


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The Hidden Cost of a Cyber Breach: Mental Health