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Cyber Insurance & Risk Management for Manufacturing Associations

Protect Your Members

ONE bad headline can lead to irreversible reputational harm.


We’ve all cringed at some point when we hear the words “cyber breach” on the news – hoping our data hasn’t been part of the compromise. Protect your members, their data, and your reputation from a potential breach that can shut down your association and your members’ companies. Set your members’ expectations up front about your cyber posture to build their trust.

Protect Your Reputation

ONE cyber breach leads to ONE concerned board.


Show your board a single view of your high-ranking cyber posture to put their minds at ease that you’re helping protect the association and its members from potential devastating loss.  Now, you can quickly and easily display pertinent information about your cyber security efforts to boost the board’s confidence and abate any questions about where the association stands in its efforts to protect the members.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Shield your members’ data from unknown threats


What we SEE isn’t always the full picture. Looming cyber threats that you don’t even know about are the access points for your reputation, association, and member data to be stolen. Put a cyber task force to work behind the scenes to help your association identify and manage those unknown holes in your cyber risk landscape.

See how you stack up against others in your space – this complimentary risk assessment highlights vulnerabilities and remediation to help keep your data protected. Details included in the assessment are pulled from publicly available data.



Incident Response

Coalition’s in-house staff of incident responders, forensic specialists, and security engineers respond in minutes, not days, to help you recover from network intrusions, ransomware, and business interruptions.

In-House Claims Team

Our experts include privacy and data breach attorneys who help you navigate the recovery process, including acquiring
lost funds, managing vendors and law enforcement, and ensuring you receive funds quickly.

Complimentary Security Tools & Discounted Services

Access Coalition’s partner ecosystem for discounted security solutions and services, including security awareness training, malware prevention, and more.

See How Your Cyber Risk Stacks Up Against Similar Associations


Protect the Value of Your Entire Business

NAM Cyber Cover protects your data and assets — we cover the expenses to defend you, as well as damages resulting from a liability to a 3rd party or for regulatory fines and penalties. Additionally, we pay for the costs to respond to a breach, such as
legal fees, public relations experts, and customer notification costs, among others.

Coverage Tailored to Manufacturers’ Needs

NAM Cyber Cover includes pollution, bodily injury, and property damage coverage. Business interruption and contingent business interruption reimburse lost revenue while your company recovers from a cyber event.

Zero Dollar SIR for Incident Response

The $0 SIR for Coalition Incident Response endorsement amends coverage to eliminate your Self Insured Retention (SIR) for the costs of services provided by our in-house incident response team.

Pay on Your Behalf

In the event of a cyber incident, NAM Cyber Cover pays upfront costs instead of you paying out of pocket.

Program-Specific Benefits for National Association of Manufacturers’ Members Include:


BROAD COVERAGE tailored to the needs of manufacturers




EDUCATION TOOLS AND SECURITY WEBINARS for you and your key employees




COMPLIMENTARY SECURITY TOOLS that coordinate with your current technology solutions


911 COALITION incident response

NAM Cyber Cover was cost-competitive with other options out there. The other part that really intrigued us was that it wasn’t just an insurance policy. You don’t just put it in place and wait for something bad to happen. They have tools that provide us the ability to do scans and check our systems. They’re proactive in helping put things in place to keep us secure.

Erik Hash

General Counsel, Behlen Manufacturing, Co.


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Coalition – Your Underwriter Partner

Backed by an A+ carrier, Coalition is the only provider offering an industry-leading policy that covers the unique exposures facing manufacturing firms. With Coalition, you get more than just insurance. Its technology platform delivers insurance plus proactive cybersecurity tools to keep your business safer, including risk management, security tools, incident response, claims and business recovery.

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For more than 25 years, AHT’s boutique Manufacturing practice has been nationally recognized as a leader in risk management and global machinery manufacturing. Led by a team of professionals spanning more than 50 years of combined industry experience, AHT is positioned to help manufacturers manage the unique risks they face.