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Government Contacting Practice

We Understand What You Do

Underwriters won’t insure what they don’t understand. Our experienced staff knows how to translate what you do for insurance underwriters to ensure they have the complete, accurate scope.

We Can Customize Loss Control Programs

Operating at a government facility can limit your flexibility to implement traditional loss control concepts. We customize programs to work within your “real world” constraints. This is especially important for contracts that involve more hazardous exposures.

We’ll Teach You to Avoid Risks

When the “cost of risk” is not accounted for up front, you can lose your profit margin on a government contract in a hurry. We can train your staff to help them negotiate contracts and anticipate and develop costs for various areas of risk.

We Check Everything

We review and understand your contracts and scope of work statements to identify areas of risk.

We Work Where You Work

We are licensed to serve the needs of government contractors in every U.S. jurisdiction and around the globe.

We Stay Up to Date

Our team stays up to date about new policy, rules and regulations in today’s rapidly changing world so you can be sure you’re fully protected.

Tara Pellet

Tara Pellet

Vice President, Employee Benefits

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Felicia Thorpe

Felicia Thorpe

Vice President, Commercial Insurance

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