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Wellness Tip: Reinvigorate Your New Year’s Resolutions

“Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.” 

– Buddha 


June marks the halfway point for the year. It also marks the halfway point for your 2022 New Year’s resolutions. How have you done so far?  


Nearly every study deems February as the month where more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the roadside—so many opportunities for growth cast aside. Even if you have already left your resolutions high and dry, there is still time for resuscitation.   


You don’t need to go back for every single one of them—we realize life gets in the way and sometimes the social pressure has a way of making us set unrealistic or empty resolutions. But think back and ask yourself which of your 2022 resolutions is truly most meaningful to you. 


Big or small, physical, mental, or monetary, pick one forgotten resolution and reignite it for the remainder of this year. Did you resolve to incorporate more fiber into your diet? Quit smoking? Start saving money for a house? Go on more adventures with your kids? Or maybe you simply want to be better at being on time for appointments or be more bold with your wardrobe. Whatever you resolved to improve at the end of last year, pick it back up. It’s missed you.   


Follow these three simple steps to jumpstarting your long-lost resolution: 


Pick one abandoned resolution for 2022 that will be easiest for you to revive. 


Write down said resolution and the necessary steps to achieving it on a sticky note. Stick it somewhere you can’t avoid, such as your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. 


Commit to one of these steps once a week until you have achieved success.  


Bonus: If the accomplishment feels good—which it will—start on another one! See how many resolutions you can check off before December arrives to collect ones for next year. 


If your resolution was to never make another one, you beat the system. But now use the next six months to come up with at least one to implement in 2023. No cheating this time, you are only cheating yourself. 


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Wellness Tip: Reinvigorate Your New Year’s Resolutions