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We live in uncertain, volatile times and now, more than ever, we must protect the safety and security of our families. In today’s security environment, one must consider the risks a family faces in day-to-day life: Work, social media, international travel, the use of luxury venues and services, children studying or traveling abroad, and ownership of multiple residences can put you in harm’s way.

The Family Security Protection Policy gives families and individuals the support and desired timely response needed to address and manage crises, as defined below. This cutting-edge insurance policy is provided by a world leading insurer and emergency response team to help give you peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your family.

24/7 Global Emergency Response Team

Unlimited Global Crisis Response 365 Days a Year

Financial Protection up to $250,000 USD

Guaranteed Coverage for ALL Household Family Members

How much coverage does it offer and for what?

The coverage is USD $250,000 for all insured headline coverages and USD $1M with respect to expert crisis response advisors.

View Coverage Limits
Coverage Limit
Kidnap USD 250,000 per insured event**
Extortion USD 250,000 per insured event
Hijack USD 250,000 per insured event
Wrongful Detention USD 250,000 per insured event
Disappearance USD 100,000 per insured event
Threat USD 10,000 per insured event
Express USD 5,000 per insured event
Assault USD 5,000 per insured event
Home Invasion USD 100,000 per insured event
Hostage Crisis USD 25,000 per insured event
SR-M Response*** USD 1,000,000 per insured event

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Please tell us how many family members you will be adding to this policy. Policy covers up to 25 people.


Cyber Bullying Threat

A threat made over the internet toward you or a family member to inflict bodily injury, abduct an insured person, damage, destroy, or contaminate any property, or reveal confidential or proprietary information which is a direct threat to life.


A threat to harm, kill, injure, or abduct a family member

Home Invasion

Armed intrusion into your home by persons for the purpose of financial gain

Wrongful or Illegal Detention

Unlawful holding of a family member on fraudulent charges


Disappearance of a family member


An assault of a family member with a deadly weapon


A threat to your family with an accompanying financial or ransom demand

Hostage Crisis

Holding of 3 or more people for financial demand


Abduction of a family member


What is the coverage?

This policy is like a personal security concierge service for families and individuals that provides 24/7, global emergency response and financial protection.


How long has this coverage been around?

This coverage has been available for almost 40 years.


Who should invest in this coverage?

Those who want to protect their family and assets in this unpredictable and increasingly higher risk world.


How long is the coverage in place?

The coverage is in place for one year then automatically renews.


Where does it cover the individual(s)?

It covers individuals and families globally at home, at school, and overseas on holidays and trip.


How much coverage does it offer and for what?

The coverage is USD $250,000 for all insured headline coverages and USD $1M with respect to expert crisis response advisors.


What else is included?

Families may request advice and assistance at any time and can also benefit from country risk reports that are provided.


How much does it cost?

It costs USD $500 + taxes and applicable fees per year for the entire family (up to 25 insured family members – it is the family’s prerogative to decide who they insure and will declare the number to be insured at the point of instruction.


How does the crisis response work?

Each family is given exclusive access to an emergency response number which can be “triggered” 24/7 in the event of a crisis. Crisis advisors will deploy to the area of incident and provide constant telephone advice to ensure the incident is handled and resolved in a professional, expert manner. This number is 24/7 and available globally, so it can be used at any point when a family or individual feels they are suffering a crisis or are about to experience one.


Why do families buy this policy?

This policy is purchased to give them peace of mind, that whatever or wherever the crisis, they know they can pick up the phone and be connected to the best advisors in the world.




The CFO of a small healthcare firm who was also a father and husband in California began to receive threatening emails from an ex-employee. The letters implied that unless the member of staff was given his job back, he would harm the CFO’s family. At the same time, letters with similar content began to arrive at the family home.


Security measures for the family’s home and CFO’s work were immediately implemented. Crisis responders began investigations into the nature of the threats to determine the legitimacy and it was determined they were legitimate. The response team produced detailed reports about the events and submitted them to the authorities resulting in an arrest and court case.


A family home was illegally entered by two armed men early in the morning. They refused to release the wife unless the husband went to his place of work and brought back a sum of cash being held on premises.


Post event security response reviewed the premises and investigated the perpetrators, resulting in them being detained by authorities. Full financial reimbursement and psychological counseling coverage was given to the couple.


The daughter of a policyholder received an unusual message on a social media site. It demanded$35,000 USD or she would be harmed at school, and it listed the school she attended.


As the message mentioned the academic institution, it was deemed necessary to provide the daughter with covert protection for the following days. Crisis advisors began investigations, and it was revealed that the extortion and the threat were a hoax from a well-known organized crime group.


A family on holiday in Mexico were stopped by an armed gang when withdrawing cash at an ATM. The wife was forced into the gang’s vehicle and driven around the city being forced to withdraw sums of cash from the family’s bank account. The wife was left in a dangerous part of town.


Crisis responders located the wife after 6 hours and provided safe transit back to the hotel where they provided temporary security for the family, organized safe flights out of Mexico, and escorted them to the airport. They received financial reimbursement and the wife’s trauma counseling costs were covered.

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