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Wellness Tip: Stress Awareness

Take a deep breath, drop your shoulders, relax your jaw…  


We’re all living with stress, whether it stems from something positive like planning an exciting trip, or something negative impacting our daily life. How you manage the stress in your life plays a huge role in your overall health and wellbeing. It’s important to do what we can to take care of ourselves even in the most chaotic times. 


Here are some simple tips for managing stress: 


First – do a pulse check daily. Find a time in the day when you can clear your mind, relax your muscles, and think about how much stress you are carrying. Being aware of your current stress level should help you make some moves to balance things out when needed. 


Get Outside! Sunlight and fresh air work wonders to improve your mindset. 

Aim to get enough sleep. Give your body and mind plenty of time to recharge. 

Learn some breathing and meditation techniques – you can use a free tool like the Insight Timer app for guided meditations. Once you have a few in your toolkit, you can try to lean on these in stressful moments. 

Mix up your routine. Plan a fun outing or social activity; something as simple as lunch with a friend could help you re-center! 

Pick up a new (or old) hobby! Find something to take your mind off of your mental to-do list. 

Focus on healthy habits. When we are stressed its easy to turn to sugary foods and drinks, extra caffeine, and more to cope. Make sure to stay hydrated, reach for foods that nourish your body, and consider swapping a cup of tea for that extra latte later in the day.

Laugh! Turn on a comedy or spend time doing something that is sure to bring about laughter. 


Pro Tip: Talking about your stress to others can be an important factor in helping you overcome or cope with it. Be sure to return the favor and talk to anyone who asks for your ear or shoulder to lean on. 


To learn more about stress management , visit The American Institute of Stress here.


By: Lorelai Mentzer, Senior Marketing Analyst – Employee Benefits


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Wellness Tip: Stress Awareness