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Jenni Bickerstaff

Jenni Bickerstaff
Senior Partner

Jenni Bickerstaff is an experienced employee benefit specialist who thoroughly understands the problems that can arise during the administration of health plans, the best ways to resolve them and, more importantly, what can be done to avoid typical pitfalls. She has earned her global medical benefits certification and is particularly proficient in advising employers about their international needs.

Jenni has led and participated on panels regarding national health care reform and has also spoken to HR professionals, CFOs and CEOs about how companies can better manage their medical care premiums and control costs with both a short and long term strategy. Jenni serves on the AHT Board of Directors, is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and serves on the advisory board of national health carriers.

Prior to joining AHT in 2007, Jenni spent 12 years in the health care industry. Her vast experience in employee welfare programs spans from member and claims management to managing the D.C. metro area benefits region for a national medical carrier.