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Derek Symer, CPCU

Derek Symer, CPCU

Derek Symer brings two decades of experience and a unique understanding of nonprofits to his clients. His passion for this sector drives his continued knowledge sharing and gives him valuable insight into the multitude of risks facing nonprofit organizations today –  ranging from management and professional liability to cyber and international risks.

Outside of AHT, Derek has served as president of the Dartmouth Club of Washington, D.C., which earned the 2006 Dartmouth “Club of the Year” Award under his leadership. He has also been honored as the Dartmouth Club “President of the Year”, has served on the Dartmouth Alumni Council and experienced several victories in the Maryland Master’s Cup tennis tournament.

Prior to joining AHT in 2003, Derek worked in the office of historical research at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

A Personal Note:

“When I was in the museum world, everything was done by committee. A project would take one to two years to develop. My career change from history to insurance really was about being more self-directed. Today, every client gives me an opportunity to learn something new.

“What’s interesting about our business is that we help clients prepare conceptually for things that could go wrong. When that happens, I’m glad to be in a position to help them recover financially and at least know that the insurance they purchased is going to respond as expected.”