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Stranger Things... About Insurance

Eyes Up! It's Raining Coconuts?

You can put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up, but don’t expect to be feeling better if your head gets in the way of one of these fibrous fruits departing a tree.  


Did you know that enough people have been killed by falling coconuts that an insurance policy was created? Yes. You read that correctly!  


Although meeting one’s end in a “death by coconut” situation is extraordinarily unlikely, a travel agency in the United Kingdom created coverage for this unfortunate incident after reporting 150 coconut-related deaths per year. 


While we can’t control what your colleagues do on vacation or walking in their backyard, we can help ensure coverage in the event of a workplace accident.  


Contact us to make sure you have the proper risk management strategies and coverages in place to protect your employees AND your bottom line. 


This material has been prepared for informational purposes only. BRP Group, Inc. and its affiliates, do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult with your own tax, legal or accounting professionals before engaging in any transaction. 

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Stranger Things… About Insurance: Eyes Up! It’s Raining Coconuts?