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Stranger Things... About Insurance

Are Your "Cold Feet" Covered?

Ah weddings… few life events are as commemorative as saying “I do” to the one you love. Even fewer are as expensive. 


Already paid out your vendors, but starting to get those gut aches of uncertainty? If you want your money back along with your singleness, you’re just plain out of luck, right? Wrong. There’s a policy for that!  


Wedding insurance, or “cold feet insurance,” protects you from exactly that. Whether you’re the one to walk away or the one who gets left at the alter, whoever paid is protected. 


It might sound like a grossly noncommittal way to go about a lifelong commitment, but your window of opportunity closes pretty far in advance. Don’t expect that coverage if you say “I don’t” just weeks or even days before the wedding. Policy holders must declare a change of heart at least one year out before the wedding date. Otherwise, you’ll be out your sweetheart and your money. 


Weddings aren’t cheap, but neither are the blinging accessories! 


Contact us to make sure all your valuables are properly insured. 


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Stranger Things… About Insurance: Are Your “Cold Feet” Covered?