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The increasingly complex environments in which International Aid and Development Organizations (IADOs) operate necessitate dynamic, active risk management and insurance solutions coordinated by experienced professionals. AHT’s IADO practice group brings unrivaled experience and knowledge to support the needs of organizations implementing programs in some of today’s most challenging locations around the world.

With IADO clients operating in over 80 countries, AHT has proven experience and maintains strong knowledge of insurance trends and best practices impacting those operating globally – particularly in the higher risk environments.


Countries in Which Our Clients Operate



AHT’s NGO and International Aid Organization practice group supports organizations serving others around the globe — many of which are working to deliver essential services to people in need. Organizations we support include:




Civil Society


Public Health






Faith Based


Human Rights


Employing a holistic approach that recognizes the complexities and interconnection of risk facing IADOs globally, AHT’s risk management services help clients evaluate risk and maximize the effectiveness of mitigation and response measures.

Specific areas of support include:

REVIEWING current security, emergency response and crisis management plans, procedures and resources and recommending enhancements based on community best practice. Typically, this includes an initial comprehensive baseline review and periodic updates

PROVIDING updates about developments in the risk environment at the global, regional and country levels and collaborating to evaluate specific vulnerabilities

FACILITATING a comprehensive organizational risk review with key management to identity and rate risks, as well as outline current and future mitigation measures

WORKING closely with organizations to maximize the effectiveness of internal systems, as well as external resources, including medical and political evacuation services, special risk response providers, etc.

SUPPORTING incident or crisis management as necessary — including streamlining insurance or other third-party response services and providing post-incident recommendations designed to lower likelihood of re-occurrence and mitigate impact on insurance coverage

Resources for International Aid & Development Organizations

Access Self-Guided, On-Demand Resources and Other Resources Guided by an AHT IADO Professional


AHT supports both property and casualty as well as employee benefits insurance needs — both internationally and domestically. In keeping with our holistic risk approach, consolidating coverages under one broker enables organizations to reduce the chances of overlap and mitigate the risk of gaps.

Visibility across all lines of insurance enhances our ability to serve as an informed advocate, especially since coverage often cuts across multiple policies in today’s complex global risk environment.

Specific insurance services include:

REVIEWING current program to identify areas of overlap and potential gaps

MAKING recommendations about lines of coverage based on an organization’s risk exposure, risk tolerance and best practices

EVALUATING in-country insurance needs, both required coverages as well as options for additional coverage

TELLING an organization’s “risk story” – how risk is assessed and managed — to carriers to secure appropriate coverage at best possible rates

MARKETING of policies and identification of carriers best aligned with organization’s risk profile

COORDINATING claims to ensure appropriate policies are engaged and advocating on the organization’s behalf

“No one I deal with is as proactive about important issues or responds more quickly to my questions than my AHT representative.”

CFO, Non-governmental Organization


AHT worked with an underwriter to draft policy language that more accurately reflected the triggers for political risk insurance for an NGO client operating in various high-risk environments globally.

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