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Free Learning Resources for International Aid & Development Organizations? Yes Please!

By: Joe Gleason


If you’re working in the international aid and development community, and you’re not familiar with DisasterReady, stop what you’re doing and visit their site now. No, wait… finish reading this blog post, THEN visit DisasterReady to access the wide range of learning materials developed for and by the international NGO community. Seriously, though, as those familiar with DisasterReady will know, the site contains over 1,000 online learning resources, many of which are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. More than 150,000 active learners around the globe use the site to help strengthen knowledge and build skills.

One of the most impressive things about DisasterReady is the sheer depth and breadth of the content. From deep dive courses to quick reference one-pagers – and everything in between – DisasterReady is a great resource. And, many titles are formatted for access on a mobile device to facilitate field-based learning. Need a three-hour, in-depth, online Security Awareness training focused on NGOs and humanitarian work? Check out the course from Save the Children. Want a one-page overview of the key principles of child protection? Yep, that’s there too. And, what about a course that provides practical, concise guidance for protecting your mobile device from compromise? Got it.

While the considerable amount of content on DisasterReady is a huge asset, it can also present a challenge: how does an organization or learner find the right material? To help answer that question, DisasterReady has partnered with AHT Insurance to create a custom portal.


This portal contains content curated from across the DisasterReady library, organized into five topic areas based on insight from AHT clients:

  • Safety and Security
  • Staff Care and Resilience
  • Protecting and Safeguarding Minors and Other Vulnerable Populations
  • Human Resources
  • Digital Security


To further strengthen learning, the AHT portal includes three newly developed Mobile Guides, designed to provide practical insight in a format optimized for a mobile device:

  • Medical emergency management for travelers or field staff
  • Medical emergency management for organizations (i.e. those supporting travelers or field staff)
  • Road traffic safety


Access the AHT portal to start learning – it’s easy (and free):