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At least when it comes to benchmarking to help meet duty of care obligations

By: Joe Gleason, Director of Risk Management – AHT


When faced with peer pressure as a kid, my dad would often rhetorically ask: “If your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?” The answer – just for clarification – was an emphatic no (though, if it was into a shimmering lake…). For international development organizations, benchmarking can sometimes seem analogous: If all your peer organizations are doing something, should you? The answer there, of course, is more nuanced. While organizations shouldn’t blindly follow what others are doing, benchmarking can help guide the reasonableness of measures being taken – a key tenant of meeting duty of care obligations. 

AHT’s annual insurance and risk management benchmarking survey is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn more about how similar organizations are purchasing insurance and confronting a range operational risk management issues in today’s increasingly complex global environment.

This year’s survey will include information about:

  • Community insurance benchmarking data on key lines, such as Directors and Officers (D&0), Business Travel Accident, Management Liability, Crime and others.
  • COVID-19 challenges, response and lessons learned. What resources were used to support response to COVID-19? How was response organized?
  • Adverse media attention – social and traditional. How are organizations monitoring their social and traditional media coverage? What plans and resources are in place to guide response to reputational and other risks?

We need your help: AHT’s survey is only as strong as the data and that is where you come in. The more organizations that respond to the survey, the stronger the information and benchmarking.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey today.


– Survey brought to you by AHT’s International Aid & Development Team –

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