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Ask the Experts - Approaching Younger Consumers about Long-Term Care

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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) recently asked experts in Long-term care solutions and planning:

Insurers are looking at modifying or creating products that appeal to younger consumers. How do you see that impacting an advisor’s ability to grow their business?


AHT’s Noel Evans, Director of Long-term Care Answered:

“Millennials are often categorized as disruptors in many industries, from Uber to online shopping, and they are efficient users of technology, leveraging it to simplify their buying process. While many are delaying milestones like marriage and parenthood, one event they cannot control is caregiving. AARP found that over 10 million millennials are unpaid caregivers juggling careers and this role, averaging 21 hours a week providing some level of care.

“Their experience with caregiving makes them more open to caregiving solutions, including Long-term Care insurance (LTCi), and they prefer to be educated about products in an authentic and engaging manner.

“Insurers in the LTC market must invest in technology to make the buying process easier and streamlined, and advisors should connect LTC planning with health and wellness and retirement utilizing webinars and social media marketing.

“The best LTCi products for younger buyers are through their employers and more are offering Group LTCi due to a reinvigorated market and the experiences that employers have had with working caregivers.

“Advisors should work together to help young buyers understand the importance of planning early, and COVID-19 has instructed that things can change in an instant. Technology can play a role and help carriers and consumers in more efficient planning that leads to growth in an advisor’s business.

“Lock in your health, protect your assets, preserve independence and let your loved ones be companions rather than caregivers with LTCi.”



Director of Long-Term Care Solutions, AHT Insurance

As a licensed independent long-term care agent, I represent all the top-rated long-term care companies. With over 11 years of long-term care and life insurance experience, I strive to give my clients the best service by keeping up to date about recent advances and giving immediate attention to their needs. Prior to entering the insurance industry in 2007, I was a mortgage loan officer for 13 years. During which time, I was consistently a top producer who developed strong relationships and always put my clients first.

My passion is developing customized plans for individuals and business owners to protect their assets, reduce the emotional and financial burden on a family and ensure control over their need for long-term care.

My current focus is with the Group LTC Insurance (LTCi) market as a way of expanding LTCi awareness to the mass market. I am developing resources for employers and employees to meet the caregiver time bomb head-on. Working caregivers are increasingly impacted by lost wages, retirement assets and Social Security benefits. Employers are often unaware of the tax benefits available to them by using the company checkbook to pay for LTCi. By implementing Group LTCi, Employers can improve their bottom line by engaging with their employees.

I serve clients in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas, the Tidewater region and remotely in almost any state in the USA. I’m licensed in multiple states and work with fellow LTC Specialists, CPAs, Attorneys and other professionals to collaborate and best meet the needs of clients.


Email Noel | 757.409.9065 | Follow me on LinkedIn