Strategic Partners

Networks Broaden the Reach of AHT for our clients

When you work with AHT, you get access to the expertise of elite brokers throughout the world — plus a network of the best lawyers, accountants and consultants. We extend our reach through our affiliations with TechAssure, RiskProNet International and our professional partners.

RiskProNet International

AHT is a partner and charter member of RiskProNet International, a consortium of major independent brokers throughout North America. It is the fifth largest brokerage organization in the United States. It allows us to provide assistance throughout North America from fellow RiskProNet members who take a personal and special interest in our clients. Through RiskProNet, we also have correspondent brokers around the world. In addition, RiskProNet maintains a comprehensive online information bank, giving members 24/7 access to critical data, trends, industry materials and answers to the most difficult questions.


AHT is a founding member of Tech Assure, a global organization of elite independent technology risk and insurance advisors. TechAssure has invested considerable time and resources into educating insurance carriers about the unique risk exposures of technology companies and to helping carriers design insurance policies to address these special requirements. We use the shared knowledge and market leverage of TechAssure to provide better services and more competitive pricing to your company.

Worldwide Broker Network

AHT was selected as a member of the Worldwide Broker Network in 2015. WBN was formed in 1989 by 9 firms in Western Europe. It has since grown to more than 100 member firms in more than 100 countries and territories on 6 continents. WBN members are the leading independently owned firms in their respective markets, providing the highest degree of client service to both insurance and employee benefits clients. WBN has become an important part of the industry’s distribution network, generating an estimated $35 billion in Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits premiums annually.

Professional partners

AHT works closely with some of the best firms in allied professions. We frequently co-host educational seminars to provide information to our clients and prospective clients. When clients ask us to recommend legal, accounting and other consulting help, we take time to learn their requirements and preferences and then consider which of our professional partners would be the best fit.

Clients also bring their lawyers, accountants and other consultants to us, asking that we collaborate on a business solution or project. We are more than happy to work with them.

Either way, we will provide the creative synergy in professional partnerships to ensure that your best interests are in the hands of people you trust.