Commercial Surety Bonds

Surety bonds: not just for construction companies

There's a common misconception that surety bonds are only for construction companies. While construction companies do utilize significant surety credit, almost every company will need a surety bond at some time. AHT is one of the few insurance brokerages with a surety bonds practice that has professional training and extensive experience in handling the particular surety needs of a wide variety of commercial entities including:

  • Financial institutions
  • Individuals
  • Manufacturers
  • Nonprofits
  • Suppliers
  • Technology companies

Our surety skills and commercial industry knowledge — combined with our premier group of surety underwriters that specialize in commercial surety accounts — enables us to deliver very successful and innovative surety programs. We work closely with underwriters to ensure you receive the best available terms and conditions regardless of the size of your company, or the size of your surety program needs.

For more information, please contact the AHT surety team.