Retirement Services

Fiduciary solutions to help protect your organization

AHT’s retirement services team employs industry leading benchmark and risk analysis tools to help you manage and mitigate fiduciary risk. AHT:

  • Prepares a customized investment policy to satisfy IRS recommendations and help you manage your plan.
  • Helps you select and monitor the plan provider, third party administrator & investment options to ensure a great benefit for your employees.
  • Assists you with IRS and DOL compliance when changes are made to the retirement plan.

Click here to view a sample scorecard provided to AHT clients.


Education to maximize your retirement

A retirement plan’s success is dictated by participant education and participation. To help you maximize your retirement plan benefit, the AHT financial services team works with you to build a customized education plan including:

  • Group enrollment & on-going education meetings:
    • Present plan benefits, options and enrollment materials to your employees.
    • Deliver information in an easily understandable format so that employees can make an informed decision regardless of investment knowledge.
  • Individual guidance meetings:
    • We are available to meet with your employee’s individually for guidance and consultation.
    • We can assist participants with determining their individual risk tolerance, investment allocation and deferral percentage.

AHT provides monthly employee communication templates to clients to assist with communicating important plan information and recommendations to employees.


Plan Support & Review

AHT regularly provides plan support and reviews including:

  • The development of an agreed upon service plan to address fiduciary requirements.
  • A Fiduciary Investment Review of the plan’s participation and performance to ensure a minimum level of excellence.  This annual review will use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate the plan provisions and investments to help create strategies for improvement

AHT provides a monthly newsletter to clients highlighting recent developments and reminders regarding retirement plans, fiduciary responsibilities, and regulations.