Wellness Solutions


Wellness programs benefit everyone – employers, employees, family members, even your community. AHT's innovative, creative approach to wellness provides everything you need to get your program up and running, and to keep it fresh, relevant and engaging. We are committed to providing wellness solutions that are:

  • Effective - risks are reduced and health is improved
  • Simple - a comprehensive yet simple solution that is easy to understand, easy to communicate, and easy to implement.
  • Affordable - for only pennies a day per employee, you can make a difference in the health of your employees, their families, and your company.

AHT’s wellness solution provides employers with an opportunity to promote wellness and engage their employees in healthy behaviors. Program features include:

  • Year Round Wellness Program
  • Wellness Portal
  • Online Employer Resource Center
  • Employer Wellness Handbook
  • Call-a-Coach Services

Optional services include:  

  • Executive Summary Report
  • At-Home Preventive Screening Kits
  • Self Care Book
  • Participant Reports

For more information, please contact the AHT wellness solutions team.