Technology Solutions

Manage benefits via the web

By employing cutting edge technology, innovative applications and our insurance management expertise, AHT has delivers automated and accessible solutions to ease many of the clerical and administrative burdens typically associated with the administration of a complex benefits program.

Our technical solutions simplify or eliminate many of a benefit manager's tedious and repetitive clerical functions. Our technology solutions include:

  • Employer/Employee Online Web Portals
    Reduce calls to the HR department by providing 24/7 access to benefit summaries, insurance documents, insurance costs, and forms. Providing access to employees can allow HR to communicate easily with employees and provide employees with a self-service option to manage their benefit plans.
  • HR Resource Center
    Through an online HR resource center, AHT clients can collaborate with AHT online, access timely information and resources, and connect with peers in the industry. AHT clients have access to hundreds of HR documents and tools on topics such as cost containment, loss control, employee communications, benchmark surveys, and legislative guides.
  • HR, Benefits, and Payroll Administration Systems
    Today’s HR professionals spend 60% of their time on administrative tasks such as benefit processing, communication with employees and updating employee information. By moving to a streamlined system that integrates HR, payroll and benefits, managers can spend more time on key programs within their organization.
  • Employee Benefit Statements
    Personalized employee benefit statements are a professional and effective method of communicating the total cost of benefits to employees who unfortunately do not always fully understand the cost of their benefits.
  • Online Benefit Enrollment
    Reduce the cost and time to enroll employees while ensuring that you’ve collected all of the information necessary for enrollment. This secure and easy to use tool eliminates multi-form enrollments and increases turnaround time.
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
    Manage the time-consuming process of creating, updating and managing Summary Plan Descriptions by utilizing a tool that promotes a collaborative environment, simultaneous reviews, edits, and approvals, and produces a pre-defines process and audit trail.
  • Benchmarking
    Employer have year-round access to real health care plans and cost data for easy, customized, unbiased benchmarking. Comparisons can be made with other organizations based on industry, geography, company size, plan type and employee type.
  • Web-based Surveys
    The needs of your employees must remain in balance with the financial requirements of your company. Find out what your employees think about their benefits. Your employees will appreciate feeling like they are contributing to the decision process.
  • Retiree Administration
    Retirees value their coverage. They will question it and make sure they have access to it. AHT has tools available to provide timely, clear communications and support to administer their benefits.
  • Healthcare Policy and Industry Assistance
    Navigating healthcare and insurance plans can be time consuming and difficult for employees. Services are available to assist them in finding doctors, researching treatment options, and claims and billing issues.
  • Benefit plan design assistance
    Imagine taking the guesswork out of the benefits renewal process. AHT has tools available to allow us to analyze your benefit plan costs against reliable benchmark information, project the impact of medical plan design changes, estimate your renewal costs and streamline the plan selection process for your employees.
  • Claim Analysis
    Manage your data reporting and analysis needs by utilizing online tools that can detect problems with medical utilization or plan costs, isolate causes of utilization problems and create money-saving solutions for you.

For more information, please contact the AHT employee benefit team.