Employee Benefits

Successful employee benefits plans made easy

At AHT, we go above and beyond the traditional role of negotiating employee benefits programs. We actually serve as a highly qualified and dependable extension of your Human Resources department. Every member of our benefits practice is well-seasoned, possessing in-depth knowledge of the benefits insurance industry and years of experience helping clients manage their employee benefits programs effectively and efficiently.

When recommending a benefits program for your company, we take the necessary time to thoroughly understand your requirements, the needs of your employees and the strategic business objectives of your organization. Aligning all three goals enables us to select and present employee benefits plan options that will succeed. Once you select a program we assist with the implementation, employee communications and ongoing administration and management to make these aspects of your job as easy as possible.

  • We manage projects
    We maximize your limited resources, meet deadlines, and eliminate surprises about your employee benefit plans.
  • We keep you informed
    We make sure that you are aware of legislative developments, product innovations, and new opportunities in the employee benefits arena.
  • We give you options
    There are many approaches to providing benefits to your employees. We make sure that you know what your options are and present you with the facts necessary to make informed decisions.
  • We help your plan succeed
    We help you communicate your benefits to employees through a variety of innovative as well as traditional methods to help them maximize the value of their non-cash compensation.

For more information, please contact the AHT employee benefits team.