NGO Insurance Brokerage Services

As a full spectrum brokerage, AHT can support both property and casualty insurance as well as employee benefit needs, internationally and domestically for clients.  In keeping with our holistic risk approach, consolidating coverages under one broker enables clients to reduce the chances of overlap and mitigate the risk of gaps. Visibility across all lines of insurance enhances AHT’s ability to serve as an informed advocate, especially since coverage often cuts across multiple policies in today’s complex global risk environment.  Specific insurance services include:

  • Reviewing current program to identify areas of overlap and potential gaps.
  • Recommendations on lines of coverage based on client risk exposure, risk tolerance and best practices.
  • Evaluating in-country insurance needs, both required coverages as well as options for additional coverage.
  • Telling a client's “risk story” –- how risk is assessed and managed -- to carriers to secure appropriate coverage at the best possible rates.
  • Marketing of policies and identification of carriers best aligned with a client's risk profile.
  • Coordinating claims to ensure appropriate policies are engaged and advocating on a client's behalf.

For more information, please contact the AHT NGO team.