About the AHT Manufacturing Practice

Product liability is only one of many factors that is changing the insurance landscape for manufacturing today. Technology has introduced computer-controlled machinery and robotics. Safety regulations are more stringent than ever, particularly in the food processing industry. Global competition is a given, adding to the issues of proper insurance for expatriate employees, political risks and worldwide general liability. In addition to our skills in these areas, we pride ourselves on our special expertise in manufacturing risk assessment, manufacturers’ professional liability and product recall.

AHT works in partnership with its manufacturing clients, using task based risk assessment, standards compliance, incident management and specialized software to aid in developing both products and the manufacturing process. Through a detailed process we assist clients and customize programs to make the process of building locally and selling globally simple.

Who We Serve

  • Packaging machinery manufacturers
  • Baking equipment manufacturers
  • Food machinery manufacturers
  • Heavy machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Life science manufacturers
  • Technology companies

For more information, please contact the AHT manufacturing team.